Monday 14 May 2012

Background Information

Photo: Nick Du Plessis
Becoming Bodies is a new (35 minute) dance-science film by Beatrice Allegranti

The film emerged as a result of an artistic collaboration with the Institute for Cell and molecular Biology in Porto and the Grieg Academy of Music (University of Bergen) from 2009-2011. During this time Beatrice Allegranti conducted filmed interviews with leading UK, German and Portuguese scientists and philosophers in the fields of evolutionary biology and genomics. These interviews reveal individuals who ‘birth’ ideas and unveil the frameworks in which they operate. As such, the interviews influenced the development of the film and form a direct part of the film sound score by Jill Halstead. 

Becoming Bodies aims to generate public curiosity about the revolutionary alliance between biology and body politics in a culturally accessible way. In particular, the film highlights how bodies are sexed and gendered through a mutually influencing and at times, pernicious process of biological and social construction. 

Keep an eye out for updates and forthcoming screenings. 

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